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  • Jun14Wed

    Healings on the street

    June 14, 2017

    On Saturday June 10th our team rented a booth space at Hamilton Concession Streetfest where we ministered physical healing and released prophetic words. We also rented booth space on Sunday June 11th at the Burlington Wholistic Wellness Expo also releasing physical healing and prophetic words. During those two days we witnessed more than 30 healing's and just wanted to share some of the things that we saw God doing during that weekend.

     A grandmother, mother and daughter came to our booth curious about what we were doing because on one of our signs it said “Freedom from Fibromyalgia”. On a scale of one to ten she said that she had pain about one in her body and about seven in her feet. We asked her to sit down and we ordered the pain to go and for her body to be healed. Within a few seconds she said that all the pain was gone and she could feel a tingling in her feet and she wanted to get up and dance. She got up, and then the mother sat down and said that she had ringing in her ears. After a few seconds of commanding the ringing to go God had also healed her. The granddaughter then sat down in the chair and didn’t have any physical ailments but was curious to hear if God had anything to speak to her. We then released some very pin point words to her and the mother started rejoicing once she heard the prophetic words for her daughter.

     A mother and young girl also came to our booth inquiring about Fibromyalgia. The young girl said that at that moment she had pain in her body at about seven and that the pain never goes below a level of six. We declared the pain to go and her body to be healed, the pain went down to a level of about six, so we tried again ordering the pain to go and it then dropped to a level of less than one.

     Another case was where a lady came up to us and challenged us that God would not heal her. She was in very much pain all over her body from different operations that she has had. We commanded the pain to go and the body to be healed and the pain only dropped to about a level of six. She then got out of the chair and then said, “hang on a second the pain has decreased to about a level of four”. We went after the pain again and the pain was reduced to less than one.

     We have many other stories that we could share but these were the highlights.

     It is only mentioned once in the bible to pray for the sick and that was to be by an elder who would anoint the person with oil and then operate in the prayer of faith. Jesus never prayed for the sick and neither are we to pray for the sick. We are to command and declare healing!

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